Friday, September 07, 2012

Introducing Xpresso Design!

Most of you have probably noticed that I love designing banners and such, after numerous emails, questions, and compliments regarding these designs I have decided to launch Xpresso Design where you can purchase custom banners and buttons made especially for you! Have a look at some of my designs:

Event buttons: giveaways, events, challenges, etc can be designed to your needs.
Here are buttons I have made for my own events in the past:

I can design blog tour banners that your are participating in to go on your sidebar, or if you are an author/publisher hosting a tour for your book, I can design the tour banner. 

Examples of tour banners I designed:
*More examples on my own sidebar, and at Alluring Reads*

And miscellaneous banners for events, memes, giveaways - you name it.
(I know some of these are one time use banners, I show them as an example of my design skills, that could have been made as tour banners)





More Details
As you can see, there is a new tab up above for "Xpresso Design", I am currently working on that page which will list pricing and packages, examples of my work as shown above, how to contact me, and other info I deem important. However, I'm already taking names for designs; email me for questions, details, prices, and to get some pretty designs! ;)