Saturday, June 08, 2013

***Singing Happy Birthday In the Rain***

Today we're celebrating Eileen's birthday! Yay! I'm part of a fun blog hop organized by Nikki of Fiction Freak. So every half hour today a different blog will be posting about the wonderful, bubbly person that is Eileen on her special day!

So who is Eileen? Really, who doesn't know her by now? ;) She's the lovely blogger over at Singing and Reading in the Rain. This girl's bubbly, fun personality makes my day almost every day by simply being her good old enthusiastic self on Twitter! So it's our time to pay her back for all the smiles she puts on our faces on a daily basis with her epic personality! I adore chatting with her and am very happy to be part of this birthday hop, plus I got to meet her just last week at BEA which was all kinds of exciting:

This girl can make me laugh about anything from her ranty vlogs to her excitement over the smallest things like croissants. Plus, she writes great reviews, she's adorable when she sings, and she's a huge sweetheart! Go visit her colorful blog or Twitter and wish her a great day! :)

Happy Birthday, dollface!
Have a birthday croissant for me!

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