Thursday, December 01, 2011

Review: Before by Cambria Hebert

(Heven and Hell, # 0.5)
Cambria Hebert
Released November 16th, 2011

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What if your life was charmed and everything in it was perfect…

This is the story of my past. Of what things were like for me when everything was normal. Of what every teenager’s life is like. Clothes. Parties. Boys and summer vacation. What’s so wrong with that?
I liked it. I was happy. Until things changed. I changed.
I didn’t know that lies and secrets were about to take over my existence. I didn’t know there was someone out there, someone meant just for me. I didn’t know that I was about to go on a journey, a journey that would lead me to the girl I am today.
This is the beginning of the worst year of my life. Would I go back and change things? Erase everything that has happened to go back into these moments?
Not a chance.
This is a story of before.
*A copy was provided by Cambria Hebert for review purposes*

I don't usually read short stories because they're, well… too short. I never have time to get into it so I don't bother. When I do read them, it's most likely after the main course - so yes, I cheated and read Masquerade first. *blasphemy*.

Before is a short prequel to the upcoming full length novel Masquerade. When we meet Heven in Masquerade, the attack that gave her horrible scars on her face has already come and gone. So in Before, we get a glimpse of how glamorous her life was when she had all her beauty and self confidence.

It was nice to get to know Heven before her attack - even if it was short lived. I could tell how she was different - personality-wise - which shows that Cambria knows how to write her characters. We see how Heven was much more outgoing and sure of herself back then. We also get a look at Sam and his disagreement with the villain of Masquerade, which was interesting and led us up to the event of the attack. It was short and to the point. If you're like me regarding short stories, I suggest you read Masquerade first. If not, beware of the major cliffhanger!

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