Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: The Deepest Cut by JA Templeton

The Deepest Cut
J.A. Templeton
Release date: June 27th, 2011

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Sixteen-year-old Riley Williams has been able to see ghosts since the car crash that took her mother’s life and shattered her family. Guilt-ridden over the belief that she’s somehow responsible for her mom’s death, Riley is desperate to see her mother’s elusive spirit to gain her forgiveness.

When her father moves the family to Scotland so they can all start over, Riley believes her life couldn’t get worse––that is until the ghost of nineteen-year-old Ian MacKinnon catches her purposely cutting herself. An uneasy truce quickly turns into friendship, and soon Riley’s falling hard for Ian.

Riley believes her gift could help Ian end the curse that has kept him tied to the land for centuries, but that would mean letting him go forever and she’s not sure she is strong enough to do that. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, the spirit of the woman who killed Ian returns and she’ll stop at nothing to keep Riley from helping Ian find eternal peace.
*A copy was provided by JA Templeton for review purposes*

If you thought Anna Dressed in Blood was scary - It has Nothing on this one! Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed Anna and thought it was creepy and a lot of fun. But seriously scary? Not really. The Deepest Cut gives us an actual spine-chilling ghost story that will make your hairs stand on end. Kind of like the equivalent of this: Click here at your own risk! (You know you want to!)

Riley has been able to see ghosts since her mom died a few months ago. To start over, her family moves to Scotland in a great big house that used to be an inn. She soon meets this ghost, Ian, who lived in the castle across the street and was murdered by a jealous servant who has cursed him to roam the earth for eternity. This servant - Laria - is determined to stop Riley from trying to help Ian. Let me tell you, this Laria is terrifying! And if you think ghosts can't hurt the living, you're wrong. Laria is evil and goes to extremes to try to get Riley to stay away. I'm a real sucker for ghost stories. Even though they scare me to death, I absolutely enjoy reading about them. The Deepest Cut is one of the best ghost stories I've read. Although, there were a few elements that I found unnecessary to the story (though not enough to lessen my liking of the book). Like how Riley would cut herself. I felt as if that storyline often got put on the backburner and forgotten for a while. It did help with the character development a little, yet, while I didn't mind the side-plot, it does feel expendable. I'm also wondering why Tom was so adamant on having Riley spend time at the mausoleum. He seems like a strange character that I hope we get to find out more about later on.

Along with the hair-raising, there is also romance in this story: a convincing and passionate romance. Riley is falling fast for Ian who is clearly gorgeous, but a relationship with a ghost can't really be real, can it? I loved how the relationship was intertwined with the ghost plot, as well as how much chemistry there was between the two. Ian is a wonderfully mysterious character that pulls on your heartstrings. It's certainly a really unique relationship that you know can't have a happy ending. However, JA Templeton leaves us with a killer cliffhanger that will make you rethink it all. I was extremely happy to find out the next installment is due at the end of the month because it's definitely one of those fun-but-I-may-die-waiting type of endings.

A real page turner full of fear, love, sadness, along with bittersweet ending, The Deepest Cut will be greatly enjoyed by readers who love ghost stories that leave you undoubtedly spooked and full of mixed emotions.

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