Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Girls Don't Cry: Annoying Characters are Annoying

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What is a story without a villain? A love without heartbreak? Light without dark? Every story needs balance, every book needs characters, or situations, that will bring about negative feelings, sympathy, or even hate. This is great in many ways: it brings our emotions to the surface, as well as leading to character growth from this villain they have to defeat. May it be the government, paranormal "monsters", zombies (can't leave them out can we? ;), grief, or even the protagonists' own broken selves; the basis of every story usually commences with a villain of some sort. But what happens when this villain crosses the line from one you love to hate, to one you simply want to kick in the face? Or what if the one you want to maim is not even meant to be the villain at all? Well for me it goes from being an enjoyable read to wanting to use the book as kindling, *sigh* but... I eventually settle on knocking off some stars. Take That!! (And because I cannot be trusted near fire.)

Taken from an anonymous suggestion (Oooh!), our topic this week revolves around annoying characters, and this is where I will list the most irritating SOBs that I have had the pleasure to "meet".

              Mrs. Umbridge            
Oh my word how many times did I daydream about this woman being hit by a bus, trampled by elephants, or at the very least get a mean paper cut--because those hurt like a mother...

Clearly, I'm not alone when it comes to my overwhelming dislike for this character. I tend to become vindictive when it comes to fictional villains (well, I guess real life ones too >.<), and let me tell you, reading the 5th Harry Potter book caused me deep emotional harm that will never be healed! While I did still give it a full rating--hello it's Harry Potter!--it was my least favorite book of the series solely because of her. What's even worse, what truly gutted me and pissed me the feck off, is after being such a raving bitch in that book, we didn't even get to enjoy her getting what she deserved! GAH! *sobs* Oh the injustice!!

          ___   Molly Bartolucci  ___          

Ugh! Did you read this book? I almost DNFed it because of this character. I'm sorry but, she toopud!! This is her answer to everything: (actual quote)
"not knowing what else to do, I reached down and poked it"
*giggles uncontrollably*

 ________Jade... something______     

I did enjoy this book a lot, but this new character, Jade, that's introduced in this book to put a wedge in the romance really got on my nerves. It was like at every turn she was THERE, like a freaking pest you could not get a break from. Usually I love to hate characters like these, but for some reason this one was a little too annoying for me. I wanted her to go away so I could read in peace! Geez!


I've noticed some of the time it's the parents that really get on my nerves--like in these books. Sometimes it's because of their seemingly uncaring, cold-hearted, parenting, other times it's the way they refuse to listen or come to ridiculous conclusions that lead to even more ridiculous decisions on their part. My patience wears thin for these types of characters.

Now in this next example, they do it right! Bravo!

__________Nils Bjurman__________

Nils is a rapist and a corrupt lawyer, and one of the greatest villains I've read. He's unforgivably crooked; twisted. I hated his disgusting guts with everything I had in me. And you know what? Sweet sweet freaking revenge! Hells yeah! Oh my god it was the most beautiful thing I've ever read when Lisbeth made him pay. It was... it was magical! *sniff* Lisbeth became one of my most respected and favorite protagonists at that very moment.

My list of annoying characters isn't very long. I tend to actually enjoy hating villains for the most part. I even had a bit of difficulty finding characters for this post--except for Umbridge--but when they cross that line or we don't get our well deserved revenge, they must die!! *bull snort*

How about you? I'm sure you've daydreamed a character death or two.
Anyone you wish you could bitch slap?

Also, don't forget to leave suggestions for future topics you'd like to see! :)

You know you love me!
Xoxo, Book Girl!