Sunday, February 24, 2013

Xpresso Weekly: Stacking the Shelves (44)

Xpresso Weekly is my edition of Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews featuring the books I got this week, and I also mention blog news/happenings of the past week.

This week at Xpresso Reads
Is anyone else buried in the snow? Gah it won't stop! This is the Ice age! *mean face* Ok so this week I will be going on a short leave for a few days (nothing serious no worries!) but just so you know I won't be online much in case you think I'm ignoring you if I don't reply to tweets etc. I have posts scheduled so the blog will still have content. I also have trained Jenni to be me for the week so when you see tweets from me it's actually her being an imposter (though for real she's taking care of my tours ;)--big thanks, muffin). Anywho! I will probably go into online withdrawal mode and figure out how to make an appearance or two. ;)

Reviews on the blog this week:

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Stacking the Shelves

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I received for review:
 -Neferet's Curse by PC Cast + Kristin Cast (not sure why I got this O_O)
-Breaking Point by Kristen Simmons (Loved it! Review here)

*Big thanks to Hachette Book Group Canada, Random House UK, Penguin Group, St Martin's Press, Tor Teen, and Macmillan for the pretties!*

I also got these below gifted for my birthday which I tried so hard to keep quiet but then a little birdy, and another little birdie, told the world >.<

I got these from Amypoo at Book Loving Mom. These look so good! I'm really loving contemps lately so I was super excited to get these! Thanks so much, dollface!

And these from Jenni Peepee at Alluring Reads (plus the epic card). Eek! I'm so excited to finally get my hands on these--though she did have to twist my arm for Easy so I guess I have no choice now! :P Thanks, love muffin!

And inside it says "The stiffer the better" Bwahahaha. It's so us in our past life!

That's all for me this week!
Ciao, pretty people!