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Book Girls Don't Cry: Genres - From Hot to Not

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From Hot to Not Anymore!

Book trends! From insta-love to love triangles to vampire romance; trends are vicious, but today we're talking book genres! We want to know what you're tired of, what you can't seem to get enough of, and what you think the future holds!

Tiresome genres are not unheard of. How about dystopias? Anyone? Personally, I am so very tired of this genre, now. I was the biggest fan of dystopias when I began my blog not even 2 years ago, even now I get excited when I hear of a new one coming out (like a habit I can't break), but it seems like those I've read lately have been nothing more than yet another regurgitated dystopian. I've been slowly getting sicker and sicker of the genre for a while now. Either everything has been done, or originality is being put aside for quantity. Within the last year, a lot of dystopians I've read have left me especially underwhelmed with a bad taste in my mouth, even, and it's getting worse, guys! Here are some of the fails I've come upon in the last year (which, if you have not read as many as I did maybe you would enjoy them, but... maybe not.)

Dystopian fails:

Just to make sure I make myself clear:
Now for a side note, I do not list dystopians and post apocalyptic books together. To me they're completely different. I know some have different ways of differentiating the two; mine is this: Dystopians are--usually years--after whatever caused the drastic change in their way of life; may it be war, an epidemic, whatever. Society has reformed, and they are living in this changed world, sometimes in the guise of a utopia, and usually amidst a corrupt government--the government are more often than not the "bad guys" of the book/series. For example: The Hunger Games, The Uglies, and all of the above. Those are dystopians.

Post apocalyptic books, to me, are either during, or immediately after the apocalypse where the story is about survival of this world's end as we know it. It rarely includes a government entity, so the "bad guys" in these books are the force behind the apocalypse itself (aliens, zombies, etc--and/or other survivors). For example: As the World Dies, The 5th Wave, Ashfall. While I'm tired of dystopias, I'm still going strong on post apocalyptic novels. To me their vibe is much different, plus they're not as overflowing on the new-releases shelves each week. To conclude:  

Dystopian=Refer to above giant word -- Post-apocalyptic=Win!

Julie Kagawa and Teach Mentor Texts posted about this difference and my views and theirs are exactly the same.  Anyways, I know some may have different definitions for the genres, but this is mine, and with that said:

Awesome post apocalyptic books I've read in the past year:

What's HOT now?  

Contemporaries (esp in New Adult)! I have almost loved every contemporary I've been reading lately--just like I was with dystopias 2 years ago. So maybe this is a bad sign for 2 years from now, but hey I'll enjoy it while I can, eh? ;)

My favorite contemporary reads this year (see how many more there are!? :D):

I want to know what you think! Any genre you're sick of?
What's become your favorite book genre lately?

Let me know your favorite books in it!

Also, don't forget to leave suggestions for future topics you'd like to see! :)

You know you love me!
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