Thursday, May 09, 2013

Book Girls Don't Cry... They Vent on Pet Peeves

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Bookish Pet Peeves!

We are talking pet peeves today! I'm sure you will all have some to share as well and this is my favorite thing to discuss in books so gimme all you got in the comments, loves! I've grown to have very many pet peeves through the years so I will just list the ones that are the most annoying for me.

Oh hell to the no (and really who doesn't have this as a pet peeve by now?)! What more can I even say about it? Insta-love sucks. An instant attraction is ok, insta-lust is fine, but those relationships that go from zero to "I will die without you" end-all kind of love in 60 seconds never do it for me. I need to believe in the connection they have, or at least understand why they love each other so damn much! "Oh his pecks are so big, I WILL LOVE HIM FOREVER" eeeh, no.

"Teenage" Slang Gone Wrong
Another pet peeve of mine is when authors try to bring their characters to life by trying too hard to make them sound like teenagers. Using way too many swear words, or stuff like "yo" " whassup" and "dude" splattered all over. Obviously slang is common among teenagers, but don't overdo it. The most recent example of this occurred in Period 8. Blah! But hey, at least they're trying to make them sound authentic, unlike my next pet peeve:

Non Contracted Dialogue
This is one that I feel is not very common or doesn't seem to bother many others, but I can't stand it when, during dialogue (inner dialogue included), words are not contracted. Have you ever spoken like: "I do not want to leave. I am waiting until she calls." People--especially teenagers--don't talk like this. It annoys me so hard for some reason. Most often than not I have to DNF these. It's just not natural speech for humans! When it's a very literary read with a rich prose or even a historical novel,  I'm (sometimes) ok with this style of writing, but otherwise--if it's just another YA paranormal--then I will use the book to make smores.

How many different versions of Twilight have YOU come across since the original? Twi-like books are all the rage, it seems. You would not believe the amount of times  I have re-met Edward Cullen! That kid gets around! It's not just Twilight, though, look at Hunger Games look-alikes, or how this New Adult genre is already filled to the brim with "broken lovers with dark pasts" plots. It seems like when something is popular, everyone is trying to get a chance to milk the cow until it's dry instead of using actual imagination and some creativity to write a good book! Give me some originality!!

Speaks for itself!


You will see 2 missing common pet peeves from this list: love triangles and cliffhangers. I actually don't mind either when they're not done lamely. Triangles, in a lot of cases, are boring but I simply don't pay much attention to them; I don't loathe them as much as others, I just don't particularly like them. However, they can be done very well in other cases, like in Cynthia Hand's Unearthly series. As for cliffhangers, I find they often give me that final exciting shock that makes the book memorable and, well, shocking. So while I will still want to hurl the book for making me wait to find out what happens, I secretly love the thrill. BUT, like everything in life, it has to be done for the right reasons; gimmicky cliffhangers are a bore.

Your turn! :D
What are some of your pet-peeves?

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