Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Girls Don't Cry: Mid-Series Cover Changes

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Mid-Series Cover Changes!

I am certain I'm not  the only one who noticed a trend this past year or 2--changing the cover of a series at book 2 or 3 or 4. What is UP with that? I used to be obsessed with having matching covers, and I say "used" to be because now I just don't buy them at all. I rather buy a cheap busted used book and give it away after  reading, than having unmatched covers on my shelf! That would be a travesty, peeps! A travesty!!

Let's see some of the cover changes that garners the most vocabulatory from me >.<

 Changed to:

Now, I kind of get this one. I get why it was changed. I mean, when I first saw White Cat before I ever heard of it, I picked it up and went "WTF? A book about cats and a creepy old dude in the 60s? No dice!" So yes, as a store browser, I'm not sure the cover would attract as many readers as the new ones. However, once I got home, selective reading and all, I started seeing this series all over the place. So I caved, said eff it I'm reading creepy cat man, and you know what? It was awesome! So these are the covers I grew to love. I bought book 1 and 2, and guess what? AGSFGFAGSF *foams at the mouth* They. Change. The Covers! And they change it AFTER they had already released the planned 3rd cover to match. So why not release that freaking 3rd cover, and then release the new ones on paperback and newer editions hardcovers? I mean, is it all a marketing plot to get me to buy the first 2 books again? Not gonna happen! (!!)

Anyways, I love the new covers, I think they will sell more books, but I'm not buying em. This is me, giving the finger to cover changes!

Another series that changed recently that I have a few words for:

Changed to:

I liked the original cover of this one. It's not mind blowing, but she looks pretty evil and that's cool.  But those new ones, man, they look fan made. Or placeholders for the actual cover to come. Actually the problem I have with this one is this. The first cover is whitewashed, the protagonist is Asian, and this girl is not. I'm not sure if this was actually the reason for the cover changes but I know Kirkus commented on it as well as the general fanbase, and poof there is a new cover. BUT, instead of putting an Asian girl on it, they put none at all... I don't know, that annoys me for some reason. It's like it has to be a white girl, or none at all? 

Oh and what about this one, guys?
  Changed to ----> 

Ok this one is a little cheating because it's not even out yet, but COME ON!! That original cover is not even comparable to whatever the heck that new one is. Are those... are those happy/sad faces? *dies* This book is now for stoned people!

But honestly, why is is SO COMMON?
Look at this:


And these were just the FEW that I could think of, there are so many that I am actually surprised when a cover is not changed mid-series. I'm convinced it's a conspiracy! What? Can't they decide on a cover on the first go? They could at least release the rest, and just wait and make the paperbacks only into the new covers. The way they're going about it, it kind of feels like it's a marketing thing if I'm being completely honest. They know they can get people to re-buy the first books, I know people who do. Food for thought?

 What do YOU think of cover changes mid-series? 
Which one annoyed you the most?

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XOXO, Book Girls!