Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Girls Don't Cry ...They Vent!

Ooh what is this? ;)

So I was debating, I have been posting 4 reviews a week and to be honest it's getting a little much for me. I can do 4, but I often find I'm always last minute with my review books and I feel like I need more breathing room. So I started thinking what I could replace a review day with that would be fun for my readers (something you'd enjoy as much or even more than a review)--and what is always fun? Venting and discussing bookish things!

So welcome to the introduction of a new weekly discussion post! But there's more! As you could probably deduce from the banner, I have teamed up with Jenni from Alluring Reads and Amy from Book Loving Mom to make this feature all the more fabulistic!.

This feature is inspired by Book Buzzers--with Evie's blessing-- which was a discussion vlogging team that Jenni and Amy were a part of. Since everyone else got too busy to keep that feature going, they decided to branch out and create their own with a smaller team--except ours is not a vlogging team necessarily since mine will mostly be typed out (laziness and all ;))


What's the point? Well this feature, inspired by Book Buzzers (Evie Bookish) is a way for us to discuss bookish pet peeves, current book affairs, blogging tips, tricks and/or annoyances, as well as anything else that catches our fancy. I know the title says so, but it won't necessarily always be venting. We'll see.

How it works: One week we will decide on a topic, and all 3 of us will be doing up our own discussion post on the topic to go live on different days. Mine will be either on Thursday or Friday or every week, you can watch for Jenni's on Mondays, and Amy's on Saturdays.

The other lovely BGDC ladies:

Also, Jenni is throwing a giveaway for the feature launch so make sure to drop by her intro post to win some goodies as well!

And this is where you come in! We invite everyone to leave ideas for topics. What would YOU like to hear us rant about, or discuss. This can be anything at all. A do and don't on ARC requesting, what we think of love triangles, what about this new New Adult genre? Anything at all you have interest in discussing,  leave in it the comments below! If we use your topic we'll be sure to give you a shout out

So Stay tuned, lovelies! The feature's first official post will be on Monday at Alluring Reads. The first on my blog will go love on Thursday! I hope you all enjoy it as much as we will putting the posts together! ;)